Mediamz step-by-step

Campaign Planning Through brand strategy,marketing and activation service, according to brands' goals ,we make campaign planning.


Influencer Seletion We select the influencers that are most in line with each brand,guiding us according to the brand Philosophy,and results sought with each campaign.


Launch Elaboration of the publication timing and creative idea. Video production As well as the approval of the content by each influencer and the verification that is has been published.


Feedback Preparation of report with all the results with the launch of the campaign,the reporting including campaign performances,talents analyze and results & optimization.

A Brand Influencer Campaign From A To Z

Accompaniement Create your campaign strategic planned and choose influencers best suited to your brand.


Respect Compliance with brands's marketing briefs and strategy chosen beforehand.


Transparency Transparency on the management of contracts as well as the rates in force


Commitment Video materials are made by mediamz and matched-influencers maximize localization marketing.

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