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Marketing Results

The brand is a collection of musical instrument research and development, manufacturing and sales all-in-one brand, its sales of products include guitar, electronic organ and a series of effects, speaker products, in the internet, its independent shop has also been established for many years. The guitar brand wanted to test the specific effects of celebrity marketing while expanding its market capacity, so it had this marketing campaign.

Project Background

In order to maximize the effectiveness of influencer marketing and reduce the cost of marketing, we chose to promote on the TikTok platform.

After the completion of the complicated preparatory work, 7 suitable celebrities were selected from 168 music talents, and then a number of videos were produced according to the channel tone of the celebrities, using a variety of marketing types, from influencing users to direct marketing, and adding BIO links to all the celebrities' videos to the brand's independent shop.

Activities Strategy

In the week of the video's release, a total of 1.2 million users participated in the viewing, and the fan interaction rate reached 12.7%.

On top of that, the revenue from this marketing is significantly higher than the average CVR of the brand's previous in-feed ads.

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