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Marketing Results

As the "king of African mobile phones", Tecno occupies half of the African mobile phone market with low prices and high functionality.

During the summer of 2020, Tecno launched the campaign in order to increase its market share in the Colombian market.

Project Background

Summer in 2020, Just in time for the Champions League, based on this, Tecno launched its first brand campaign in the TikTok of Colombia region, a brand challenge event labeled #MCFCwins TecnoRefund.

At the same time, the challenge invited a large number of head and waist KOLs to participate in order to pass on the Champions League football move, allowing participants to pass the label with the Tecno brand on the social media platform.

With a free full refund opportunity as a prize, Tecno has attracted the active participation of many Colombian users, using their innovation and imagination to win prizes while bringing great publicity to Tecno.

Activities Strategy

#MCFCwinsTecnoRefund Challenge gained a high level of participation with the popularity of the Champions League and the ingenious design, successfully helping Tecno open up the market among young consumers in Colombia. Jjust a few days, the video under the hashtag has been viewed more than 14 million times, and a large number of users have participated in the creation of topic videos.

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