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Marketing Results

ECOVACS is one of the world's largest manufacturers of home cleaning appliances and a leading company in smart home robots.

ECOVACS has always been committed to the mission of "making robots serve global families", hoping to make more people understand the smart life brought about by technological innovation.

Project Background

ECOVACS took a fancy to the charm of TikTok's social media communication, and they chose to promote the brand on TikTok, in this case, ECOVACS approached us.

After many screenings, TikTok influencers whose content style is in line with the ECOVACS brand were finally selected to cooperate. In the end, we and our talent curated creative video content that incorporated ECOVACS products into the video. After the video was listed, it received a very high response from users and made a significant contribution to the brand promotion of ECOVACS.

Activities Strategy

Among the many creator videos involved in curating, Minhanh, a TikTok blogger from Vietnam, is the most popular. Minhanh adopted our scheme to punish the pet cat for tipping over a bottle and soiling the floor, and to make up for the mistake, the cat cleaned the floor with the ECOVACS T9 series sweeping robots. As soon as the video was launched, it was loved by many fans, liked one by one.

Many fans noticed the features and selling points of the T9 series in the video, so they became interested in the T9 series and left a message in the comment area to ask for the source of the product.

The video gained 1.72 million views and 117,000 likes during the campaign totally. In addition, the event also brought a lot of traffic to the ECOVACS independent shop, so in the following months, ECOVACS once again began the influencer marketing.

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