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Marketing Results

Live App is a global pan-entertainment video social platform founded in 2016 and headquartered in Beijing, China. After the official launch, the APP focused on overseas, starting from Southeast Asia, gradually entering the world, and in just five years, it became a live broadcasting platform with hundreds of millions of users.

Taking advantage of the rapid development of social platforms in recent years, APP Live hopes to expand the market share in the United States, thus promoting this marketing campaign.

Project Background

For this event, the APP hopes to improve brand awareness and installation while improving cost efficiency, and based on the above requirements, we chose TikTok as a marketing platform. Similar to other events, after reaching out to more than 100 influencers, we selected 5 TikTok creators who fit the live app.

In accordance with the time node order, the cooperation video is released in turn, from the oral recommendation to influencer consumers to the final product direct display. In a week, generated multiple UGC video content for live APP at lower cost, at the same time, the creator's video also attracts a large number of fans for the corporate account of the live APP. After the video was launched, the live streaming APP gained the maximum audience coverage through the TikTok platform.

Activities Strategy

Through this series of videos, the live streaming APP received 418K views and a 10.2% fan interaction rate. After cooperating with creators, the fan rate of the official account of the live broadcast APP has increased several times.

"TikTok allows us to expand our marketing reach to more users and countries. This unique and creative social platform has had a significant impact on the promotion of live streaming apps.” The person in charge of the live broadcast app said.

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