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Marketing Results

As a world-renowned game manufacturer, Lilith's well-known game "AFK Arena" has long been at the forefront of Google and IOS rankings. In order to maintain this good result and further increase the market share in Vietnam, Lilith invited us to conduct a professional influencer marketing campaign for them.

Project Background

Lilith's primary goal is to maximize the visibility of the Vietnamese region.

To this end, we have collaborated with a number of well-known YouTube influencers in the Vietnamese game industry to create 11 AFK Arena related works.

AFK Arena is a card-based role-playing game where players need to collect different heroes to fight. The video content revolves around the game style and heroic characters of AFK Arena, and provides a free 10-draw CDKey for all viewers.

With its excellent game style and the recommendation of YouTube influencers, the game AFK Arena has been recognized by the younger generation in Vietnam and attracted the participation of most young users.

Activities Strategy

During the event, the AFK Arena series of videos received 2.3 million views and more than 300,000 likes. This shows that with excellent content marketing, AFK Arena has a huge fan base in the Vietnamese region, and using social media as a medium to interact with consumers will be a fun and real way.

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