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Marketing Results

DUbox is an overseas version of Baidu network disk, which retains the function of Baidu network disk, but it looks more concise than Baidu network disk.

During the promotion process, DUbox realized the importance of social media, and they wanted to connect with consumers through social media to help promote their products. With an attitude of experimentation, DUbox began this influencer marketing campaign.

Project Background

Because the current features launched by THE Ubox can only be applied to the Android and IOS systems, we deliberately looked for the high-quality Internet celebrity Tim Lion in the mobile application industry, who is a senior mobile phone software review influencer, whose previous video content is related to the Apple mobile phone software, which is very in line with the tone of the DUBOX, and after communicating with the DUbox marketers, the cooperation officially began.

Tim Lion's content is based on the popular Apple mobile app as the main content, after communication, we decided to intersperse the latest issue of the sharing of the FUNCTION introduction of the DUBOX APP and can provide free 1TB of memory. After the video was released on YouTube, it received excellent response. DUbox wanted to focus on real collaboration, so he cooperated with us more in the following time.

Activities Strategy

During the event, the number of video views reached more than 20,000, more than 800 likes, in general, DUbox is still very satisfied with the test effect.

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