How do overseas brands use tail influencers to do well in overseas Internet influencer marketing?
source: Mediamz 173

I believe that we are not unfamiliar with the word "influencer", if you understand overseas influencer marketing must be more familiar with it. But you may not understand the role of tail creators.

The number of fans of tail creators is mostly below 50,000, and 10,000 or 1,000 fans are more consistent with their positioning. Now overseas brands are paying more attention to the marketing value of tail creators, and finding that they are closer to the vertical consumer, also has a significant impact. Overseas, the popularity of tail-creators is even surpassing that of creators. These tail creators are closer to the audience, like friends and family that the fans know, and they accept the creator's honest advice and opinions. Tail creators can also have a good interaction rate, with fans Posting comments from the heart. 

These tail creators can be considered niche specialists, mostly in the areas of beauty, food, photography, fitness, travel, and clothing. They are vertically classified and highly targeted. The Tailenders are able to build a deep connection with their fans and enhance fan interaction. Statistics show that the fan participation of thousands of fans is as high as 83% compared with 100,000 + fans. In fact, as the number of followers increases, the participation rate of creators declines. Paying attention to tail creators is a good way for overseas brands to get cost-effective overseas creators marketing experience, and also a trend for overseas creators marketing in the future. 
What exactly does an offshore brand gain by partnering with a tail creator? 

1. Tail creators have higher fan engagement 

A lot of friends wonder why the tail creator fan engagement is so high? In fact, tail creators pay more attention to the interaction with fans, and compared with the creators of big V, small creators can be more comprehensive, faster, more humanized to maintain the interaction with fans, patiently pay attention to the comments and replies of fans. 

2. It's cheaper 

If you want to attract the attention of a big creator, you have to pay a high price, and it's even more expensive to have a creator do a show dedicated to your brand. Tail creators are a very affordable option, with high fan engagement and market targeting. A post from a creator with 50,000 followers can cost around $1,000. 
With such a cheap price, the brand can choose multiple tail creators to do brand marketing activities together to reach a wider audience. 

3. Higher conversion rate

When consumers make purchase decisions, many of them will refer to the recommendations and suggestions of people around them, and more people choose to browse online information to make purchase decisions. Tail-creators' recommendations also carry a lot of weight, especially to their fans. 

If brands choose tail creators, they can easily become brand advocates and long-term co-creators of brands. Mediamz is also adapting to market conditions by recommending more and better tail-creators for more brands.


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