Uncovering the secrets of overseas short videos, everyone is a millionaire
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As short videos become more and more popular, in fact, foreign countries are also starting to make short videos.With the rapid development of the short video industry, MCN was introduced and quickly took root in China. Among them, the developing Mediamz is also exploring the profit model of overseas short videos to maximize its benefits.But do you know how to make money overseas short videos? How do they do it well?


Why is overseas short video at the forefront?

1. 3 billion downloads worldwide, covering more than 200 countries and regions. According to the survey, the number of overseas short video users is on the rise, with more than 1 billion daily active users this year. The product is available in more than 200 countries and regions in 75 languages, and is ranked among the top app stores in more than 40 countries and regions.

2. Huge flow, relatively loose foreign audit mechanism and small risk control.

3. The account cost is low, the gameplay is the same as the domestic short video, there are many ways to monetize, can make money.


How to make money?

1. Monetize playback, which is the easiest way to monetize short videos. You just upload the video and make money based on how it plays. The money is only supported in the US and Europe, and in order to make money from traffic, the following requirements must be met: 10,000 followers; A total of 100,000 videos played within 30 days; The condition may be opened after the age of 18.

2. It's the most profitable way to make money. When your account reaches 1,000 followers, you can hang links to e-commerce platforms like Amazon, AliExpress, ebay, or independent e-commerce sites like shopify on your personal homepage, allowing users to click on the link to buy short video streams.


How does it operate?

1. Is the basic information of the account. When setting the basic information of the account, because it is overseas short video, it needs to be set according to the actual situation to ensure that the search preference of the target user group.

2. A copy of the accompanying short video. There are several points in the copy that comes with the short video. The first is meme. When we do traditional social media, such as facebook or Instagram, we tend to add certain types of emojis so that they can be more in line with some overseas customs.

3. 5 basic data. Five basic stats: Play, comment, like, retweet and follow. In fact, these five figures are the same as the rules of operation of Douyin in China. The better your data, the more likely it is that the platform's algorithms will recommend users or traffic to you.

4. Filming equipment. About filming equipment and all that stuff. That a lot of new friends they will pay attention to these things, we want to shoot short video ah, we have to buy what professional SLR ah, or some cameras ah, or some professional equipment, this is really not too important. It depends on whether your video content can attract attention.

Remember that, and your millionaire won't be a dream.

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