How does MCN operate and survive in the marketplace?
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Anyone who has seen a short video platform has probably heard the word MCN. What on earth is MCN? In fact, the concept of MCN originally came from the field of foreign Internet video. The original intention is Multi-Channel Network, and the full English name is multi-channel network, abbreviated as MCN. At present, MCN in a broad sense refer to content creation institutions capable of serving and managing accounts of a certain scale. The forms of content are not limited to video, but also include live broadcasting, graphics and other forms and international marketing approaches.

1. Signing Exclusive influencers:The operation mode of MCN is the operation mode of Exclusive influencers. Generally, MCN establishes cooperative relations with Internet celebrities by signing bloggers with certain fame and fan base or cultivating Exclusive influencers by itself, and then realizes the next commercial realization through content production.

Mediamz also has a wealth of overseas influence resources in the market, covering science and technology, business, tourism, lifestyle, digital 3C, etc. Mediamz is the source of overseas influencer resources.

2.Content output: The second step of mcn's operation is to build a professional operation team to help signed Internet influencers achieve sustained and stable content output, so as to obtain more traffic and fans' attention.Professional departments will develop promotion plans for influencers' channel and regularly conduct channel analysis for your channel to help it develop better.

3.Commercial realization: MCN has a business department, which will contact with advertisers and provide information of various bloggers under the company. After receiving advertisements, tasks will be distributed to different bloggers according to different requirements of advertisers, so as to realize realization.

It also includes international social media marketing. Overseas social media marketing is a popular overseas brand promotion mode in the past two years, and because of the impact of the epidemic, foreign users' living and working habits have also changed, and their dependence on and influence on social media is increasing. This is why more and more agencies are choosing social media marketing.

Nothing speaks louder than the approval of an acquaintance, especially on an overseas social media platform. This is why overseas social media marketing is the best way to show the advantages of a product, rather than telling customers the features of their product through hard advertising.Brand advocates can help you connect with potential customers and eliminate negative comments for your brand. They can increase your visibility by promoting your product on social media overseas, leaving positive reviews on your website, and driving more traffic to your product.

4.In-depth development: At the micro level, mcn also needs to divide the operation team into different groups according to different hot spots, and work separately to occupy hot spots in each vertical field.

The operation of mcn organization is not easy. How to run mcn organization well is a problem that many mcn companies pay great attention to. To run an mcn company well, the key lies in two aspects:

1. influencer

The key to content production is people, that is, the ability of content creators. To improve the profitability of mcn company, the key lies in the incubation, operation and management of KOL accounts (key of opinion leaders).


The key to operating a company is to make profits. Most of MCN company's profits are realized through commercial realization of traffic. Therefore, MCN organizations should pay attention to commercial realization links, channels and accumulation of customer resources.

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