New opportunities for cross-border e-commerce - Emergence of TikTok
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In the past two years, many cross-border sellers have reached out to TikTok in order to find a new way out!


Maybe you know that TikTok is an entertainment social platform, but what you may not know is that TikTok, as the twin brother of Douyin, Byte is committed to making it go the way of Douyin, making TikTok a place that integrates entertainment, social networking, and shopping. An integrated multi-faceted, comprehensive, convenient and fast platform, so this undoubtedly provides a new opportunity for everyone!


Since its listing in 2017, it has been occupying the top spot for a long time. The outbreak of the global epidemic in 2019 has become an opportunity for TikTok to reach its peak. Because of its natural characteristics of attracting traffic and changeable monetization projects, it has successfully covered more than 150 countries around the world, is a huge depression of cross-border e-commerce traffic! Traffic is opportunity, and traffic is money. Tiktok has 1 billion monthly active users, and the average monthly stay time of users is more than 19.6 hours. These are huge potential purchasing power. Through Tiktok, we can better export Chinese culture, Chinese brands, and China products, and also earn dollars better!

Advantages of doing TikTok now:

1. Good prospects for the future - As I said before, the current TikTok is like Douyin two or three years ago. The idea of Douyin getting popular and making money is very likely to be feasible on TikTok, just like you already know the winning number, and now let it be You go to buy a lottery ticket. Therefore, TikTok is still in a relatively primitive state to deploy in advance, and it will come to the outbreak period of the platform, which is your outbreak period.


  • Unique flow characteristics - As I said above, TikTok, as an entertainment and social software, has its own natural characteristics of attracting traffic. In addition, during the epidemic, people’s demand for social software has increased, and TikTok has quickly become the world’s number one software platform.


Because of the natural characteristics of their own traffic, sellers do not need to consider traffic issues at all, let alone spend huge publicity costs, because TikTok will provide natural traffic for every user.


  • Development Trend of TikTok + Independent Stations - With more than 2 billion downloads on the TikTok platform and nearly 45 minutes of online time per day, a large number of users will inevitably form huge potential purchasing power. Especially for independent site sellers who mainly drain traffic from outside the site, TikTok’s huge blue ocean will bring them accurate free traffic.


At the end of October 2020, TikTok announced the official establishment of a global partnership with shopify, which shows that it has become an inevitable trend for the TikTok shopping cart to jump directly to the shopify store link.


  • Arious realization projects - Various monetization projects have always been talked about by TikTok. Whether it is live video with goods, CPA, CPS or unmanned live broadcast, TikTok can meet your wishes. After all, in cross-border e-commerce, traffic is king, and traffic = revenue. With such a high traffic, are you afraid that there will be no income?


Today, with the great success of tiktok, Mediamz has not held back, Mediamz keeps up with the development of tiktok, and its development in the field of tiktok is gradually accelerated, and great progress has been made in the commercialization of tiktok and the marketing of tiktok influencers.

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