The monetisation model for TIKTOK video content
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With the surge of internal capacity, fine short video content has become the "just demand" of consumers, which attracts a large number of short video content creators. The increase of PGC and MCN institutions makes the content ecology more perfect and mature. As one of the many MCN institutions, Mediamz is unique in that it is not only a talent management agency but also a marketing company with 10 years of experience in overseas promotion.

1.  What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok, an App from ByteDance that has been dubbed the overseas version of Douyin, is also a short video social platform that has become popular around the world, and its overall product design is similar to that of Douyin.

2. What is Tik Tok's current development advantage?

Overseas short video Tik Tok has been downloaded more than 3 billion times and has more than 1 billion monthly active users. It covers more than 150 countries and regions in more than 75 languages.The United States, Japan, India, Russia and other countries all ranked first in terms of App downloads, and have repeatedly taken the top spot in the Apple Store and Google Store.By December 2021, and the total number of visits in 2021 exceeded Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google and other old social software.

3. Short videos promoting products

At present has been relatively mature, hang the link of the shop on the home page, through the product video drainage, the advantage is "on the shelf can sell", this is the current more mainstream cash way of play.

4. Advertising commission

Just like Douyin, when you accumulate a certain number of fans to become an Internet celebrity. You can receive advertising cash, such as evaluation, video grass, participate in activities and so on, more than 100,000 fans can also open the Creator Market place, more brand partners can find you to receive advertising.

5. Live tip

There is no need to say more about this. Those who are familiar with this kind of APP know that many Internet celebrities in China, such as Kuaishou and Douyinyin, earn POTS full of rewards. So if you have a certain talent, you can also live stream it on Tik Tok and cash in through fan tips.

6. Distribution commission

The so-called distribution commission is to choose the cooperation platform and product, and then put the product link on the homepage, and then drive the transaction through the number of videos played. In addition to traditional cross-border platforms such as Amazon AliExpress, independent stations can also distribute products. Since the product price difference is large and there is no platform to take a percentage, independent stations can offer a very high commission. I can make $500, $600 a day on commissions if I do it right.

7. Self-built mall to earn commodity price difference

The opposite of distribution is that we can build our own mall to earn the price difference of goods. Just like 1688 in China, we have an overseas order sent by AliExpress on behalf of AliExpress. After building the website and uploading the products of AliExpress, users will place an order and pay through the link on the homepage of Tik Tok. Then we will go to AliExpress to place an order, and AliExpress will send the goods to customers directly. And no need to stockpile goods, no supply of easy operation.

8. Other ways

Tik Tok traffic dividend derived a lot of cash, such as account sales, cross-border e-commerce drainage with goods, cpa/cps projects and various operational services and so on.

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